As Christmas approaches, the air fills with magic and traditional values. This year, the historic radio show of RIK, “Us and Our World,” makes its way to television, bringing to light unique images and moments from the Christmas village in Kalopanagiotis, as well as from a concert of Byzantine music that is sure to move you.

Kalopanagiotis, a picturesque mountain village, transforms each year into a fairy-tale destination. The decorated houses, the illuminated squares, and the scents of traditional dishes create a warm and welcoming environment, inviting visitors to experience the spirit of Christmas.

The show “Us and Our World,” presented by Loukas Hamatsos, captures these unique moments and conveys them in a special way. The program, broadcast on both RIK1 and RIKSAT, forms a bridge between tradition and the modern era.

One of the highlights of the show is the concert of Byzantine music. This immersive music, with melodies echoing centuries of history and faith, offers a unique experience. The sounds of Byzantine music, masterfully and respectfully performed, touch the soul and transport the listener to different times.

For those who did not have the opportunity to watch the show or visit Kalopanagiotis, we have prepared a small sample of this enchanting experience. Below, you will find a video from the show, featuring scenes from the Christmas village and excerpts from the Byzantine music concert.

Please note that the video is in Greek.

We hope this video transports you, even for a moment, to the magical atmosphere of Christmas in Kalopanagiotis and offers you a taste of the wonderful Byzantine music. Happy holidays!